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Do you feel lost, confused and utterly exhausted? Or are you feeling angry, hurt, frustrated and resentful? Either way,  I see you,  I hear you, and I've been where you've been.   

I'm not just A Somatic Trauma Informed COACHâ„¢, I'm also a Narcissistic Abuse Specialistâ„¢

Tools and guidance you need to begin LIVING the life you DREAM about.

Together, we will custom-tailor how we work together to meet your unique needs and goals  Prioritizing a safe environment so you feel comfortable enough to dive into the shadows of what is holding you back from creating a life that feels rich and satisfying is a top priority. Together, we will work to untangle the web of self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and fears so we may transform your pain into blessings, integrate all the pieces of you that you've abandoned and reconnect you to your true, radiant essence. You will experience a renewed vitality and zest for life as we realign you to a more expansive path forward filled with infinite possibilities

that's why I curate each coaching experience with you in mind - Filled with of all the tools and healing modalities that you most need to recover and move forward

Most likely, you don't want just another course or program, you want to experience meaningful growth while feeling supported by someone who has been where you are.

From the depths of my own healing journey emerged a profound realization – a calling to purposefully impact the lives of others. This revelation crystallized after healing from a series of toxic relationships.  Now, armed with personal experience,  intuition,  the gift of pattern-recognition and formal training as a Somatic Trauma-Informed Coachâ„¢ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialistâ„¢, I guide clients through their own transformative experiences.

I can't wait to support you in releasing your emotional triggers so you can confidently step into your authenticity and create the richly satisfying life you've been dreaming about!

I’m Corissa Stepp, a Somatic Trauma Informed Coach™ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™

Nice to meet you!

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Guide to Cultivate More Self Love

Download Your Free Guide to Cultivate More Self Love

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When you don't have a healthy sense of self-love, you may overcommit your time and energy, prioritize everyone else above yourself, and be wishy-washy with your boundaries. All of which can cost you your health and well-being

After reading through this guide, you will walk away knowing:

  • how to confidently stop self-sabotaging yourself
  • how to implement a self-kindness practice, which is key to cultivating more self-love
  • how to shift your mindset and think more positively, which can directly impact your health 
  • how to overcome negative thoughts, which can limit you and your potential 
  • how to instill healthy habits to help you master self-care, which is a small part of creating more self-love 
  • how to instill healthy habits to help you master self-care, which is a small part of creating more self-love 

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