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patterns deeply rooted in childhood and relationship trauma, particularly narcissistic abuse. Through my unique approach, which incorporates Human Design, I help my clients rediscover their authentic selves, and find the courage, confidence, and peace to create the life they deeply desire.

I am also an accomplished Author and Host of the 'AwakenHer Podcast.' In my work, I place a strong emphasis on the pivotal relationship one has with oneself — a transformational journey that has a profound impact on the connections we forge with others.

With an unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact, I currently offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching in StrongHER and workshops for schools, workplaces and the public sector, because I passionate about reaching  and impacting as many people as possible with my work.

Beyond my coaching practice, I offer spiritual wellness retreat that provide transformative experiences for women to help them uncover their inner wisdom, establish a deeper connection with the Universe, and forge deep bond based in authenticity and acceptance.

It would be an absolute honor to walk beside you with our arms linked to help you recover from trauma so you can create a life that feels deeply fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying! 

When you do the work on yourself, you begin to attract people into your life that align with the healed version of who you are and it's a beautiful experience.  I look forward to supporting you along your journey!

After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Quantitative Finance and Financial Economics, I began a career on Wall Street working for a prominent Investment Bank and later, various Investment Firms. Over my 10+ year career in Finance, I always seemed to struggle with feeling as though I had a much bigger purpose and that I was designed to help others in a more meaningful way. 

Along my journey, I got married, moved to London where I had two beautiful boys and ultimately landed back in the States, on the East Coast, to raise my family. At the time, I thought I had found my purpose as a stay at home mom. However, about 9 years into my parenting journey, I began to realize just how unhappy and unfulfilled I felt. I also realized that I had a lot of toxic relationships in my life. In my desperate search for answers to turn my life around, I discovered Human Design and my Intuition, and through my own journey of healing and self-discovery, I began to understand how I could use my gifts to be of service to others. 

As an ICF & CPD Accredited and Certified Somatic Trauma Informed Coach™ and Narcissistic Abuse™ specialist, my passion lies in empowering fiercely independent and intuitive women in releasing their emotional triggers and trauma so they may nurture peaceful, loving relationships.

Drawing from my profound understanding of the nervous system, I guide individuals towards a sense of safety, enabling them to explore and heal the thought and behavioral

I’m here to guide you in your quest for freedom and joy. I can't wait for us to get started.

I'm dedicated to helping you succeed in life. Are you ready to let me guide you along the way?

I’m Corissa Stepp, your Somatic Trauma Informed Coach™ and Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™


My ability to hear what is not being said, see the patterns you may not be aware of, and then use that information to lead you to earth-based practices, allows you to access your highest self. Sometimes when you reflect back on the pain, it can feel overwhelming and you may not feel safe accessing it. In my practice, I create a safe space so you can release, let go, transform and break the patterns that are no longer serving you.  This allows you to create new beliefs and patterns that reflect your true value. My ultimate goal is to reconnect depleted women back to their true desires to create a LIFE that feels ABUNDANTRICH and DEEPLY SATISFYING.   

Every experience I’ve had in my life up until this point Plus all my training, healing and integration has prepared me for this chapter where I blend logic with experiential knowing, and spirituality with science.

Listen, I'm gonna give it to you straight. Sometimes to live the life of your dreams you need to come down to earth first.

As an ICF & CPD Accredited and Certified Somatic Trauma Informed Coach™ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™,  I not only bring my real-life experience but I also bring my expertise  and training as a Certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, Certified Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner (EFT Practitioner), a Certified Quantum Human Design Coach™, an Intuitive Medium and actively certifying as a Level 7 Qualification (Master's level)  Trauma-Informed Somatic Coach.   I bring all of my natural gifts of pattern recognition, empathy, healing modalities, and Coach training to help you achieve your greatest potential and provide you with a grounded approach to creating a life worth LIVING.   Together, we will dive deep, working through my Freedom Unleashed Method™ so you can heal any wounds and break down any walls that may be keeping you locked out of the life you've always longed for. 

I'm combining my education, training and expertise to help you up-level your life.

now that you know a little about me, it's time for you to learn more about what i do.

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Listening to people chew or witnessing someone being rude to waitstaff (or anyone for that matter!)

my big pet-peeve:

Anywhere in Italy - north, south, central, doesn’t matter - or anywhere with a Beach, culture and good food

fav. place to jet-set:

My boys - Tyler & Everett, my pup - Brady, my health, my loved ones, and the mobile hotspot on my phone so I can work anywhere on my MacBook!

i'm most thankful for:

Summer in a Bottle Rose

my celebratory drink:

Guns n Roses, baby! 

my ride or die band:

Anything by Jane Austen and The Complete Conversations with God

could read over and over:

Fab 4 Smoothies, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, Pistachios or Abe's vegan mini chocolate chip muffins

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For Love of the Game
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
Impractical Jokers

watching without shame: