The collective Soul

We are all unique so why would I only offer cookie-cutter solutions?! Everyone has different aspects that they would like to heal or where they need support. If a custom package that fits your specific needs or goals appeals to you, whether it's learning how to regulate your nervous system, diving deep into your Human Design, or a mix of Somatic practices, Human Design, EFT, and Coaching, or anything in between, then let's hop on a Discovery Call and I will send you a custom proposal once I get clear on your needs and desires.  I'd also love to welcome you to one of our transformative SoulFire Retreats!

From one-off appointments to a longer term commitment where we can work together in a small group or 1:1

There are many ways we can work together, you get to decide how deep you want to go

Are you ready to finally break free from toxic or  narcissistic relationships and reclaim your power? Together we will work through my proprietary Freedom Unleashed Methodâ„¢ in either a 1:1 or in StrongHER, my group coaching program and community, so that you can confidently and courageously create the life you've been craving.  Click below for more info or book a call to learn more.

Individual or Group Coaching


Are you looking for free resources or courses?  Click the link below to see what else we offer including:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Finding Clarity after Narcissistic Abuse Masterclass
  • StrongHER Narcissistic Trauma Program for Women

Courses & Free Resources

Other offerings

  • Human Design Reading (60 or 90 min) 
  • Life Purpose Reading (90 min) 
  • Family Reading (90 min) 
  • Life Cycle Reading (90 min) 
Includes a video recording and a copy of your chart(s)

Human Design Services

understanding the true story of who you are

I've combined everything you never knew you needed in a coaching program into one incredible experience where you will be held in a safe, loving environment to allow for a powerful transformation. Together, we will use a multi-faceted approach to help you reach your goals and achieve a life you crave and find deeply satisfying. 

Let's face it, sometimes you need a more customized approach to lead you to where you want to go because where you're going is extraordinary. So let's take things up a notch.


Download your FREE 
Guide to Cultivate More Self Love

Download Your Free Guide to Cultivate More Self Love

free resource

When you don't have a healthy sense of self-love, you may overcommit your time and energy, prioritize everyone else above yourself, and be wishy-washy with your boundaries. All of which can cost you your health and well-being

After reading through this guide, you will walk away knowing:

  • how to confidently stop self-sabotaging yourself
  • how to implement a self-kindness practice, which is key to cultivating more self-love
  • how to shift your mindset and think more positively, which can directly impact your health 
  • how to overcome negative thoughts, which can limit you and your potential 
  • how to instill healthy habits to help you master self-care, which is a small part of creating more self-love 
  • how to instill healthy habits to help you master self-care, which is a small part of creating more self-love 

Download Here