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Earlier this year, I was a guest on the Mystic Nerd Squad podcast (take a listen HERE) and while we jumped around a bit from topic to topic, I think and I hope, that the overall message was that LOVE is key to reconnecting to our Joy.  

Now, some of you may be wondering – does this mean Romantic Love? That seems like a co-dependent viewpoint.  Does that mean love of Humanity, all creatures big and small?  Well, yes, but what I was really trying to hone in on is that LOVE begins with US.  Self-Love!! 

There is more to it than just Self-Love as a way to Reconnect to our Joy and I’ll share more eventually, but today I would like to focus on this one of the 4 Pillars because it is foundational.  

As most of you know, I am an EFT Practitioner, or maybe you weren’t aware.  I will be sharing more about what the means for those of you who are not familiar with the Art of Tapping, however, that’s not the point of today’s email.  Today, what I want to share with you is that when tapping, we often repeat this single phrase at the end of every setup statement:  

“I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  

Read those words a few times over and over again.  Say them out loud.  Say them in your head.  

How do they feel when you say them out loud?  

If you can sit and repeat those eight words and allow them to sink in, I believe you will really feel the POWER of the frequency that they hold.  

Words can be truly transformative if you allow them to be and this simple phrase alone can stir up a lot to feelings and can catalyze deep healing that could change the crazy world we are living in.  Let me explain…..

  • Imagine what the world would look like if we practiced radical self acceptance?  

Radical self acceptance is accepting who you are for what you are – the good, the bad, the ugly and THEN loving yourself unconditionally in spite of it. 

  • Imagine what the world would look like if we all loved ourselves unconditionally? 

If we could accept ourselves for our shortcomings, let go of perfectionism or expectations, then we could radically accept others for also not being perfect, for their shortcomings and release those expectations that we place on one another and ourselves.

Expectations shackle us to some unrealistic, perfected form that does not exist on this humanly plane.   We are all perfectly imperfect.

If we release the subconscious belief that we have to meet other people’s expectations of us or what society expects of us (which, by the way, conditioned what we expect of ourselves), we would no longer have a measure by which to judge ourselves or others. 

That limitation falls away allowing us to firmly step into the power of who we are without the fear of rejection or criticism because we experience acceptance instead. 

Every time we feel safe to BE who we ARE because we have cultivated our own self-acceptance and self-love, we lovingly allow everyone else around us to step into the power of WHO they ARE because we no longer expect of them what we no longer expect from ourselves.

Imagine how powerful that is as a parent, for future generations and the world that will exist for our children and grandchildren.

Every time we choose self-acceptance, we allow for unconditional self-love.  When we can unconditionally love ourselves then we can unconditionally love others because we recognize “ourself in the other”. 

  • Our souls are all connected and on a deep energetic, subconscious level and we remember that unequivocal, unconditional love of the “other” because the “other” is a direct reflection, a mirror, of us.

We often project self criticism onto others but imagine if we did the work to stop our own negative self talk, we could potentially create a powerful ripple effect across humanity.  

Creating a world filled with unconditional love starts with US!!  

  • The work starts here, at an individual level, within each of us because once we create a safe, loving inner landscape, our outer landscape changes to match that frequency and we can all rise in consciousness through the unifying, overwhelming force of unconditional love.  

We’ve overcomplicated things but really, it’s so very simple. It all comes back to love.

Love. It starts with YOU. 


Love Is All We Need…..

May 25, 2022

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