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Ever listen to someone complain and find yourself chiming in with all your complaints?? It’s easy to do. Misery loves company. Friendships and relationships have been borne out of the bedrock of commiseration. 

How do we break the cycle? How do we re-define those relationships? Set the boundaries so that we stop complaining and focusing on the negative and start creating a life we love? 

 First, let’s discuss why it’s a bad rut to get stuck in, even if you do have company. Have you ever heard the saying “what you focus your attention on grows” or “where you put your energy and attention is where you get results”?? 

 Well, it’s a reference to how we create in the world. The things we focus our attention on is essentially an invitation to the Universe to keep sending you more of the same. When the thing we are focusing on is not something we want, we create a negative feedback loop and round and round it goes until we focus on or vibrationally match something different. 

Let me explain. All matter is made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy (photons!) and our bodies are made up of energy. Energy vibrates at a certain frequency and when we focus our thoughts or attention on something and sustain a certain emotional frequency (emotions are energy in motion), we magnetize a vibrational match to that frequency. Therefore, if we are constantly focused on all the things we DO NOT want or are not happy with, all it does is attract MORE of it into our reality.  
How do we break the cycle? We have to first IMAGINE something better THEN we have to hold the high vibrational frequency of that more expansive possibility to attract more of the same.  

Notice I didn’t say we have to DEMAND or STATE what we WANT. The key here is to dream and ASK for an infinitely better possibility and sustain the emotional frequency to match it so that we magnetize something even better into our lives.  

The meanings that we give ideas, words, experiences etc. is what determines what we create and manifest in our lives.  These meanings are our influenced and flavored by our perceptions and our perceptions are in influenced by our conditioning, which, again, deeply impacts what we create and manifest.  

To create a different reality than what you currently are, you have to CHANGE the MEANINGS you have by choosing meanings that match what you want to create! Essentially, our perception of the world determines the potentials that we activate in the Quantum Realm.  When we collapse those potentials, they manifest into our reality.  Simple enough, right?  

The key takeaway is that we are ALL creators.  In fact, we are all creating our very own reality every second of every day.  You are the most creative and most abundant (and joyful!) when you are creating in alignment with your Authentic Self – your unique energetic blueprint that lies beneath all of your conditioned meanings, perceptions and beliefs!

If you aren’t happy with something in your life right now, quite complaining about it and start envisioning and asking for something bigger, better and more fulfilling!

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Quit Complaining and Start Manifesting!

May 25, 2022

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