The collective Soul

Each and every single one of us is a powerful co-Creator.  We were given this amazing gift of “free will” so that we could create a life we love. 

Are you ready to unleash your power and create your most IMPORTANT masterpiece – Your Life Story?

How many of us are actually living a life we desire that feels deeply fulfilling and joyful?  

How many of us are living up to the full potential of what we are able to create? 

And more importantly, how do we create something better and richer than what we are currently experiencing?  

Can you honestly say you wholeheartedly that you LOVE being who you are and this life you are living?

You’re not alone if you’re not living the life you wanted and the good news is that we can actually change our lives by choosing to create something different, something better, something more aligned with what we desire!

Every day, we create what we experience through our thoughts, words and actions.  Let’s explore and dig into what this means.  Hope you don’t mind if we get a little scientific! 

You see, every thought that we have impacts the reality we create, in that every thought creates a perception which gives the experiences we have meaning.  Our meanings impact and shape the trajectory of what we create in response.  

There are 3 different types of perceptions:

1 – Instinct:  this is innate to us and comes from our genetics; there is no thought involved

2 – Subconscious Mind: the perceptions that come from our subconscious mind are learned through habits that do not require the use of our conscious thought (ex., learning how to walk) or through learned beliefs (ex., learning not to touch a hot stove).  All of these become a part of the subconscious “records”.

3 – Conscious Mind:  we consciously decide with “free will” whether or not what we are observing or experiencing is in line with our subconscious “record” and we either tell it to either stop or choose something different.

Our Subconscious mind is more powerful than our Conscious mind as it can process more data per second and it is responsible for 95 -99% of all brain activity! As such, the meanings we give our experiences are sponsored by our perceptions and filtered through our conditioning field.

Essentially, we are running around every day on auto-pilot where we rely on the perceptions stored in our subconscious mind to shape and form the meanings we give to the experiences that we have on daily basis. 

We make decisions or create with our thoughts, words and actions based upon those meanings that are filtered through our conditioning field.  

Let’s walk through an oversimplified example so I can better illustrate how this plays out.

If, per se, when you were a child, you were often told that “children should be seen and not heard” and your perception as a small child, was that your parents didn’t care what you thought and that your words didn’t matter. The meaning that you may have given this conditioned belief is that you do not have any power and that perhaps you are “not worthy” of being heard or seen (and neither are your thoughts, beliefs or opinions important).

As a result, every action, decision and experience that you have, going forward, will be sponsored by this underlying thought and belief that you are not worthy. This is subconscious so there would be no conscious awareness of how this one conditioned belief and its meaning impacts your day to day life that you are creating. 

You may go on to believe that your opinions don’t matter or that your needs aren’t important or that the needs of others are more important than yours.  

You may feel that no matter what you do, say or think, your voice, thoughts and actions will not make a difference or that it will only result in confrontation.  You may back down to avoid confrontation rather than speak your truth because your truth “doesn’t matter”.  Or you may fight aggressively just to be heard and to receive the recognition you are desperate to attain.

Or perhaps you may be mistaken and believe that the only way to be heard or seen is to do something “BIG” to get others attention in an unhealthy way. 

You might never ask for that promotion at work, stand up for yourself when you’re being strong-armed or your might experience tumultuous and dramatic relationships that end in tears when your partner gets tired of the drama loop you’ve created to get your needs met. 

As you can see, these negative subconscious thoughts and self-limiting beliefs hold you back from living your life, reaching your highest potential and experiencing deep contentment.  They block you from the flow of abundance, opportunity, prosperity, love, inspiration and relationships that you deserve because you ARE worthy.

The first step to changing our subconscious thoughts and beliefs is bringing them into our conscious awareness through the act of mindfulness.  This step may be easier said than done and requires a bit of effort. 

This may be accomplished through meditation, using affirmations or practicing positive thinking or having a gratitude practice. 

In my coaching practice, I use EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (“Tapping”) which is an energy psychology technique that has been very effective for me personally as well as my clients because it distracts the conscious mind so that you can gain deeper access to the subconscious much quicker.  

When we re-write these negative beliefs (and rewire the neural pathways using EFT!), we not only change our minds, we also change our biology (hello epigenetics!!) and physiology.  

What is the key to transcending these limiting beliefs and breaking the correlated thought/behavioral patterns?  Creativity, baby!!!!   

Creativity allows us to DISRUPT the patterns and change our thoughts, words and actions so that we can ultimately CREATE a new experience by choosing something different!  

Creativity also allows us to tap into our curiosity and different parts of the brain where we can align with a higher frequency and access our intuition.  When we learn how to tune into our intuition, we can then ask questions of the quantum field and see what shows up in our outer reality in the form of answers, alleviating us of having to “figure it all out”.   Creativity allows curiosity to bloom. 

When we recognize that we are WORTHY and have the POWER within us to create a life we love, we are able to MANIFEST what we desire! That is the beauty of unleashing our inner Creator!

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Unleash Your Power and Create Your Most Important Masterpiece: Your Life Story

May 25, 2022

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