The collective Soul
Imagine at birth, you were given all of the pieces of a puzzle that you needed to become the best version of you. 

Imagine then throughout your life, that you learned to hide some of the pieces because you didn’t think they would help you fit in.  Perhaps you took pieces from others that you believed would help you gain acceptance or love or recognition and maybe you tried to change the color of other pieces because they felt too loud or too different from everyone else’s. Maybe you even gave some of your pieces away because it was easier to let someone else figure out what to do with them than to own them as part of who you are. 

As time went on, maybe you began to feel lost and confused as to what the bigger picture even looked like and you lost sight of who you were because the pieces just didn’t make sense anymore. Afterall, some of them weren’t even yours.  

Maybe as you sit here now, staring back at the big jumbled mess of the pieces that are meant to be you, you begin to feel as though you don’t have any idea how to put them back together.

You begin to see that you need to let go of the pieces that no longer fit, remove the layers that you’ve piled on top that hide  your natural beauty and you seek out the pieces that used to belong to you but have gone missing. 

Perhaps you know all this but you’re not sure how to begin reconstructing the raw and authentic version of who you are because it feels so overwhelming. Perhaps some of the pieces are so well-hidden that you don’t even know how you’re going to find them all.  Maybe you’ve been trying to fit the wrong pieces in the wrong places and you’ve become so frustrated trying to re-create something you’re not.  Maybe you’ve lost focus and you can no longer see the big picture very clearly. 

What if the point of life is to seek out through the experience of others, the pieces that went missing, the pieces that need remembering and and the pieces that need to be released that don’t quite fit into the bigger picture of your highest potential.
What if it is through the twists and turns of life that you learn how to remember who you are?  What if that is the whole purpose of life – a journey to not BECOMING YOU but REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE experientially!?!

Remembering who you are – the bigger picture – and knowing all the pieces that make you YOU is incredibly important so that your little corner of the puzzle fits within the greater collective story that you were meant to be a part of.  The impact you are meant to have on those around you, the life you are creating and the legacy you leave behind.  

What if in order to come together, we need to first fall apart? In order to fulfill your unique purpose in the world, you first need to integrate all the pieces into one coherent portion of the puzzle! 

What if in order to remember the WHOLE truth of who we are, we have to experience ourselves piece by piece in polar opposites then re-examine and re-evaluate which pieces truly belong, which pieces do not serve us and which pieces we value most?

What if in order to truly connect deeply with one another, we first have to differentiate, individuate and self-actualize before we come together in unity? 

Knowing, loving and accepting every piece of who you are allows you to you live your life from a place of WHOLENESS. It allows you the ability to be fully present in each experience, every relationship and every moment of your life without fear, guilt, shame or blame.  It enables you to move forward in peace and with deep contentment. 

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What If In Order to Come Together, We First Have to Fall Apart?

May 26, 2022

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