The collective Soul

If you were to poll random strangers and ask them whether or not they had found their purpose in life, they would likely look at you quizzically.  Most people would assume that you were asking if they had found their dream job or whether they loved being Tommy’s mom or dad, David’s wife or Sarah’s […]

What is Your Life Purpose?


In biology, a cell can either be in growth or protection mode, never both at the same time. When a cell is in protection mode, it uses all of its energy to preserve its original state, to prevent it from evolving, growing or changing. Similarly, in life, you, too, can not grow and evolve and […]

What is Holding You Back?

Life Purpose

A well-used, worn piece of cracked pottery is still beautiful when the light is allowed to filter through its cracks and chips. Imagine an ancient water jug that has cracks and chips, where the paint has faded and the shine has worn away from over-use. When we look at it, we can appreciate how it […]

“Heaven Let Your Light Shine” Through