The collective Soul

In biology, a cell can either be in growth or protection mode, never both at the same time. When a cell is in protection mode, it uses all of its energy to preserve its original state, to prevent it from evolving, growing or changing.

Similarly, in life, you, too, can not grow and evolve and stay in the same place at the same time. Stepping out of your comfort zone is absolutely necessary in order to up-level your life. Your mind (aka ego) creates fear to prevent you from leaping without a safety net and since it can not accurately assess the unknown, it creates the fear to keep you “stuck” and safe in your comfort zone. In other words, you are perfectly safe staying where you are because the variables of the unknown are too scary.

Your Heart (and Soul), however, deeply crave growth and expansion. Your Heart has access to a different field of information that allows you to take leaps of faith into the unknown, allowing you to evolve and experience something more rich, satisfying and fulfilling. Your Heart and intuition are better compasses to give your life direction so you can make wiser decisions and create what you desire. Your Soul wants you to remember the deep inner wisdom it holds so you can understand and achieve your greatest potential.

Are you allowing fear to hold you back from Expansion? Growth? Evolvement? Perhaps even Enlightenment? What is so scary about your fears that you are letting them hold you back from experiencing something more rich and fulfilling?! Are those fears even real or are they false constructs of the Mind, trying to keep you safe?

What would happen if you pushed past the fear? What would happen if you did fail? Made a mistake? Got it wrong? Jumped into the unknown? Chose the wrong opportunity? The wrong partner?

And what IF that experience led you back to the authentic version of who you are? Aligned you closer to the path of your greatest potential? Your greatest joy?

What if every experience – good or bad – helped you find your Truth, your Joy and your greatest Love of self? What if it led you to learn about another aspect of yourself so you could integrate it, accept It and love yourself more fully?

With deep knowing, understanding, love and acceptance, life becomes a journey worth experiencing. It allows us to create our heaven here on earth. It allows us to align vibrationally with that which we wish to create or experience – i.e. the right opportunities, people, relationships, etc. – and brings us the right struggles that are necessary to catalyze us into further growth.

This Life is our chance to create and attract the experiences we desire. We were given the profound gift of free will. Not so that we can squander the opportunity trying to “get to heaven”. This IS your heaven. This is YOUR playground, your canvas, your sculpture to mold, create, enjoy and experience!! Step into your power. Reclaim it if it has been lost for it is all yours for the taking. Own it. Breathe it. LIVE it!

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What is Holding You Back?

May 30, 2022

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