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Every human deserves love, respect, and compassion, but unfortunately, not everyone receives it. Narcissistic abuse is a traumatic experience that can leave victims feeling powerless, isolated, and confused about their own reality. If you’re someone who’s currently experiencing narcissistic abuse or is trying to heal past wounds, this post is for you. In the info […]

Breaking Free: How to Heal from Narcissistic Abuse


People Pleasing is a behavior often learned in childhood as a self-preservation technique. It becomes a way of getting our needs met by receiving recognition or attention for being “the good girl or boy,” the “helpful one,” the “easy-going one,” the “kind and generous one,” the “selfless one,” the “thoughtful one,” the “high achiever,” the […]

The Truth About People Pleasing

People Pleasing

If you listen to the radio and flip through the stations, you’ll start to notice a pattern in the lyrics of the songs. Similarly, if you were to read any number of romance novels or watch movies that involve a love story, you will also potentially notice the same pattern. Daily, we consume media riddled […]

Breaking the Chains, Rewriting the Narrative