The collective Soul

A well-used, worn piece of cracked pottery is still beautiful when the light is allowed to filter through its cracks and chips. Imagine an ancient water jug that has cracks and chips, where the paint has faded and the shine has worn away from over-use. When we look at it, we can appreciate how it […]

“Heaven Let Your Light Shine” Through


For most of my life, I have been the easy going one, the agreeable one,  the pleasant one, the one who didn’t make waves, cause conflict or drama.  I never tried to take up more space than I occupied (unless I was on stage) and I would often avoid conflict and confrontation because it made […]

Are You a People Pleaser?


True resiliency occurs when we fully recover from a disruptive experience – heal from the trauma, feel and process the emotions, learn the lessons we were meant to learn, and then release it so that it no longer triggers us.  There is a subtle nuance to the words we use. Sometimes we confuse courage and […]

Is It Resiliency or Courage?


Ever listen to someone complain and find yourself chiming in with all your complaints?? It’s easy to do. Misery loves company. Friendships and relationships have been borne out of the bedrock of commiseration.  How do we break the cycle? How do we re-define those relationships? Set the boundaries so that we stop complaining and focusing […]

Quit Complaining and Start Manifesting!


We can’t control the events of our lives but we can control the meanings and perceptions that we have about our experiences.   Our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world as both are painted with a filter that we have created through the meanings that we give our experiences and through […]

Perceptions and Meanings

Victim Mindset

Is FEAR holding you back from asking for help? Support? Love? Or getting what you need? Fear of rejection? Fear of looking too needy? Fear of being vulnerable? Fear of looking like you don’t have your shit together?  Or is it GUILT? Guilt that you need help because others also need help? Guilt that you’re […]

Are Fear and Guilt Holding you Back?